Your atypical trip in Mongolia

Why choose Mongolia for an atypical trip?

Mongolia: a country that will surprise you by its magic

Rich in its vast steppes, the Gobi Desert, its horses and its nomads, Mongolia is a paradise for the admirers of the wild nature. But also, it is the ideal ground for equestrian walks, pedestrian or in 4 × 4.

Live one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, sleeping under a yurt and sharing nomads’ life.

To visit Mongolia is also to discover its culture by visiting monasteries, temples, museums, markets, parks and natural sites. But it’s especially meeting and sharing your journey with the nomads and their yaks in the mountains, not to mention the Kazakh people of Altai and their eagles as faithful as they are formidable.


Mongolia overview


Mongolia has long, very cold winters and short summers with some rain, which can be arid in some parts of the country. we recommand to go there between May and the end of September, depending on the area chosen.

What to do?

The moment you leave Ulaanbaatar, the capital, you will be struck by the immensity and the infinite distances of Mongolia but also by the generosity of the population.

The banks of La Tula offers a strange contrast to its buildings dating from the Stalinist era and its neighborhoods of yurts, where the locals kept their traditional costumes and the others dressed in the European style mix.

The Gandantegchinlen Khiid is a Tibetan monastery, with sumptuous temples decorated with precious stones and gold. Around the city, the four holy summits, placed at the cardinal points, are spectacular hiking sites.

You can also visit the Khustain Nuruu reserve, which tends to preserve the famous takhi horses, wild and once very numerous to live in herds in the Mongolian steppe

Travel Tips

A visa is required to go to Mongolia.

The currency is the Tögrög.

No vaccinations are required, but we advise you to keep up to date the standard vaccinations, and remain vigilant to health risks, such as rabies that may be present in rural areas or AIDS.

The consumption of water should preferably be in closed water bottle or in particular boiled water.
Travel around the country is usually by plane, or by jeeps with driver and guide.

We strongly recommend not to travel alone by car, because gas is very hard to find.

Accomodation types

If you want to go to Mongolia, forget the 4 and 5* hotels, choose a great adventure and sleep in yurt converted. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone!

Overnight in yurt camps

You can spend the night in a camp of yurts. The food served in the yurt-restaurant is usually simple, but still very good.

There are some in tourist areas across the country. It is actually an outdoor hotel. Each yurt is composed of 2 to 4 beds. Very comfortable, with all the comforts of a hotel (even a little better), but with local charm.


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