Seychelles for your Family Trip

Why choose Seychelles for your family trip?

Relax and enjoy the Seychelles sun for unforgettable moments

The Seychelles in family … a dream archipelago on the Indian Ocean: swimming in the translucent sea, sublime beaches with white sand, hiking in unspoiled vegetation, beautiful bike rides, grilled fish and exotic fruits that can be enjoyed on the beach … We forget the honeymoon and we go with the children, for wonderful family memories!

Let yourself be waved on the dozens of beaches of La Digue or Mahe … After relaxing, go snorkel at Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue, to observe pretty multicolored fish. Take a boat with a glass bottom, so the youngest can observe the seabed as if it were there and see corals, sea urchins and colorful fish without having to get wet! When returning to the hotel, why not take a ride in oxcart, while enjoying the surrounding landscape.

Les Seychelles en un clin d’œil


The best time to discover Seychelles is summer, from June to September, with an average temperature between 26 and 28 ° C, for a beautiful tan assured. (warning : sunscreen required! :))

Note that July and August are the busiest months for tourists from around the world and high winds can make the sea rough.

What to do?

Victoria is one of the few cities of the archipelago, which is on Mahe island. You can visit the botanical garden and the museums, then drive to the south of the island to discover the site of Tamataka cove, and beautiful beaches like Beau Vallon or Anse Soleil , less accessible but with beautiful scenery.

Aldabra Atoll is the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, forming four islands encircling a protected lagoon where visits are regulated because of the presence of thousands of giant turtles and birds.

Discover the Sainte-Anne Marine National Park, where you can go scuba diving in ideal conditions. And why not go around Average Island, with its sumptuous flora, and then enjoy delicious Creole cuisine at Round Island?

The large island of Silhouette stands out from the others with its granite relief, its beaches of protective reefs. You will feel in harmony with nature.

You will have the opportunity to hike to the summit of Pot à Eau, where you will be surprised to discover carnivorous plants.

Travel Tips


No visa will be necessary.

The currency, is the Seychellois rupee, but tourists must pay in euros or dollars most of the time.

To travel through islands, ferries make the connections. Regular buses exist on the island of Mahé. On short distances we recommend walking or cycling to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Accomodation types


Most of the hotels are on Mahé island and for the others, they are in Praslin and La Digue.

The small islands (Denis, Bird, Desroches, Silhouette, Frégate, Alphonse …) often have only one hotel per island, usually very small but also very luxurious with fairly high prices.

Bed and breakfast

The guest rooms, homestay or in small bungalows, are very common in Seychelles and very varied styles. These types of accommodation are also closely monitored by tourist authorities, hat uires a minimum of comfort. This option is much more advantageous for people who do not have a very large budget.

The boats

The archipelago can also be visited by boat, cruising. Several types of boats are offered, including catamarans (with skipper and cook), or “old” rigs brought up to date.


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